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Developing courses under restrictions

Since the start of the new term, I keep meeting my former students in the corridor and almost all of them are saying “It’s too hard”, “There are so many assessments” or “It’s so hard compared to last term”. Then … Continue reading

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Where am I?

I returned to work from maternity about a year ago and I still feel a little unsteady on my feet: not so much in being in  the classroom or the subject knowledge side, rather in a kind  of ‘where am … Continue reading

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Long briefs, short briefs: What’s your favourite?

Writing a brief The Oxford online dictionary defines brief as being “concise in expression;using few words” (http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/brief). I interpret this, in relation to writing briefs, as meaning that the brief should contain the relevant information for a project, or writing … Continue reading

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‘Altered due to…’ – moving forward

Not long back I wrote a post about how writer’s may feel when facing a heavily edited document. Since then I have spoken to writer, whose work I was working on, and they admitted that at first they were taken … Continue reading

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Mission impossible?

I was recently asked to produce sample material for an EFL coursebook aimed at the following: the primary markets: the Middle East, Turkey and the UK (already quite a diverse mix); the secondary markets: Korea (presumably South), Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Hong … Continue reading

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