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Long briefs, short briefs: What’s your favourite?

Writing a brief The Oxford online dictionary defines brief as being “concise in expression;using few words” (http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/brief). I interpret this, in relation to writing briefs, as meaning that the brief should contain the relevant information for a project, or writing … Continue reading

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‘Altered due to…’ – moving forward

Not long back I wrote a post about how writer’s may feel when facing a heavily edited document. Since then I have spoken to writer, whose work I was working on, and they admitted that at first they were taken … Continue reading

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Altered due to …

I’ve just begun work on a new project as a reviewer (or content editor) and editor. This project is, shall we say, a challenge: it’s already up and running (being taught) and is a fickle beast (as many projects are), … Continue reading

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A long look back

I recently decided to reorganise the teaching material I’ve amassed over the past 14 years: not exactly a light undertaking (but spurred on by the birth of my son and a need for space)! It was like opening a magical … Continue reading

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Mission impossible?

I was recently asked to produce sample material for an EFL coursebook aimed at the following: the primary markets: the Middle East, Turkey and the UK (already quite a diverse mix); the secondary markets: Korea (presumably South), Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Hong … Continue reading

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Scope and Sequence: starting on the detail

Having established what the stakeholders require and considering how to match the new levels to those already in existence, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. Before putting pen to paper I need to mull over a few … Continue reading

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Starting a new Scope and Sequence: part 1

I always relish the challenge of writing a new scope and sequence. Then I start doing it and remember how complex the process is; the many and varied points that have to be considered, the aspirations of the stakeholders, the desired language … Continue reading

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