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Planning – end of term review

In the lead up to the term I’ve just completed, I’d participated in a webinar which awoke an interest in reflecting on how I plan lessons. I decided to use the questions below to analyse the way  that I plan. … Continue reading

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Unplanned planning

The research into my own planning process has been of to an interesting start! I was hoping to be comparing the process I’ve been going through with the responses I’ve had about how teachers plan this week, but hey, best … Continue reading

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Lesson planning

A few weeks ago I participated in a webinar on lesson planning (Perspectives of lesson planning. John Huges. Oxford University Press), introduced through a blog post of the same name (http://oupeltglobalblog.com/tag/webinar/). It spurred me into thinking about how I plan my … Continue reading

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Language acquisition

As a linguist interested in first and second language acquisition, I’m in a very privileged position of bringing up a child in a bilingual environment.  I’ve been listening to the language acquisition with great interest (I should really note down more … Continue reading

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Using eBeam as a whiteboard

Using eBeam as a whiteboard was one of the eBeam  features that I was most excited about (yes – I should get out more!). Most teachers, especially those in EAP using university teaching rooms, have at some point been in … Continue reading

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eBeam me up scotty 1

At the beginning of this teaching term I was asked to trial the eBeam for the college I teach at. I hadn’t heard of eBeam  before, so the first thing I did was google it. What is eBeam? What I … Continue reading

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Does listening improve listening?

This term I’ve been given an IELTS listening class. It’s the first time I’ve taught Listening and only listening. I’ve had many Speaking and Listening modules and often tutored writing only courses, but never Listening.  I was curious about filling … Continue reading

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‘Altered due to…’ – moving forward

Not long back I wrote a post about how writer’s may feel when facing a heavily edited document. Since then I have spoken to writer, whose work I was working on, and they admitted that at first they were taken … Continue reading

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Altered due to …

I’ve just begun work on a new project as a reviewer (or content editor) and editor. This project is, shall we say, a challenge: it’s already up and running (being taught) and is a fickle beast (as many projects are), … Continue reading

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I’m in the class, but am I teaching?

I should perhaps also be asking if the students are learning, as well as if I’m teaching. I certainly didn’t feel that much was happening last Tuesday. I had set my students the task of reading an article (with the … Continue reading

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