Keeping up with the Jones’

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write a post, what with one thing and another. I have been thinking about what to write and have mentally had about 15 ideas – the trouble is I don’t write them down, so when I actually get to sit down, my mind is blank.

One of the themes I’ve had in my mind (for about a year now!), is how can you keep up with all the new developments in teaching and technology when there’s so little time (pressured job and home life). I’ve thought about it for a while and come with a very basic checklist.

  • Read 2 articles related to field of work
  • Tweet at least twice (this can also be a retweet)
  • Read information and ideas from professional Facebook feed
  • Try and publish 2 posts on Facebook about what I’m working on/something interesting I’ve read (which could be one of the articles)

The above I attempt to do each week

  • Join in webinars
  • Write a blog post (on something I’ve read about or been involved in)

These I plan to do once a month

I’ve had this plan in my since I returned to work about 7 months ago!! I have to admit that it’s only now that I’m starting to implement it – not through lack of motivation but time (increased workload, 2 new roles and 2 small children!). I am disappointed with myself for not keeping up with my plan as I intended. However, I’ve not been idle with my CPD: I have attended conferences (on and offline), tweeted, facebooked (is that a word?) and become involved with a Design Thinking group (a post or 2 about that later).

Hopefully, over the next few months I’ll be able to make the checklist habit and feel that I am ‘keeping up with the Jones’.

About sarahali

I am linguist working in the EFL field. I started my teaching career in East Germany in 1997, continuing for a while (7 years) in Austria before settling back in the UK, where I am now based. I have taught English in various forms (ESP, ESOL, Business English, EFL (general) and EAP) to students ranging from 3 years of age to 80. I have written, developed and edited teaching material and curricular for the Arabic speaking world, as well as African countries. I have also written materials and teacher's books for 3-year olds learning in multi-lingual schools in Spain and have worked on translating and adapting Early Readers for the international market. I'm currently a senior tutor for EAP, a TEL coordinator and an academic proofreader. I also work as a freelance materials writer and developer. I speak English, German and French, with a basic knowledge of Arabic and Spanish.
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